M. T. Kirkpatrick
House Movers and Foundation Repair

2889 Mayfield Road
Warrior, Alabama 35180


House Moving
M. T. Kirkpatrick House Movers provides you with highly experienced and reliable professionals. Our services include moving wood frame and masonry buildings, school portables, cabins, barns and utility sheds, machines and other production equipment.  We are equipped with the latest high tech housemoving and lifting equipment.  We have 1 of only 4 Kiwi hydraulic trailers in the United States. The specialized hydraulic trailer allows us to raise the house or building over 9 feet to clear bridges, signs, cars and mailboxes; yet the structure is still low enough to pass under overpasses and trees. Also, we enlist a wide array of other highly specialized jacks in order to facilitate your structure's move or elevation. Houses are moved for a variety of reasons and to a variety of places including on-site and off-site. House elevations often relate to foundation cracks and structural issues, or raising the house above flood zones (BFEs or base flood elevations).

Foundation Repair
M. T. Kirkpatrick House Movers has extensive experience with foundation repair and construction.  We have a modern hydraulic jacking machine that uniformly raises the house and buildings - therefore limiting the stress on the structures being moved or elevated. Foundation repairs often relate to cracks and other structural issues, water penetration and moisture issues, and often serve to level the floors of the home or structure. 

Machine and Production Equipment Moving
M. T. Kirkpatrick as a highly skilled house mover using industry leading hydraulic jacks, trailers, and built-up steel rail systems, is often the best solution for moving machines and production equipment within and between production facilities. The fact is cranes and rigging are often operationally limited in tight quarters such as production floors and factory environments. Also, cranes and rigging operations often involve unnecessary and extra steps as opposed to structural movers; costing you more money, but more importantly, more downtime on your production capacity. 

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